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About us
The group’s mission

THE GROUP'S MISSION is to create excellent homes at the meeting point of tradition and innovation, which generate value over time. It is with great enthusiasm that we put our experience at the disposal of our clients in order to make their dreams come true. Our commitment every day as an ethical and sustainable company is to the construction of homes which respect the environment, so that we can give our children a better world.

The group’s values

 The Group's daily work is based on four principles, four values which we have called the 4 Es. Each of these values is governed by principles, guidelines and tools that define our actions and operations. The 4 Es underlying the Group's philosophy and operations are the values we believe in, identify with and share with our clients, so that we can give them service and support which far exceeds their expectations.


We seek excellence in everything we do. This is made possible by constant improvement in working procedures and by meticulous organisation of the various areas, skills and tasks. Furthermore, we use systems of internal self-assessment which facilitate professional and staff development, including ongoing training opportunities. Excellence is also made possible by identifying and achieving operational goals geared to the company mission. Our distinctive approach leads us to consider ourselves as creators of events.

Exceed client expectations

We work constantly to exceed our clients' expectations. And we succeed in doing so by listening to and understanding our clients' needs, whatever they are, without preconceptions. Our timely responses to clients and our interventions to professionally resolve any issues or questions raised lead us to build positive and long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Moreover, we guarantee honesty and transparency, a constant feature.


We share and encourage respectful and ethical behaviour. The guiding principles for this behaviour are a sense of reciprocity (treat others as you wish to be treated), manifested through respect for agreements, whether explicit or implicit, and the honesty found in straightforward, sincere communications, strongly geared to protecting clients' interests. Another fundamental principle is our sense of responsibility, inherent in our ability to take charge of our own actions and those of our partners. Our ethical and respectful approach lies in the sharing of successes, errors, best practice and goals achieved and aimed at.


We participate with enthusiasm, spirit and enormous motivation not only in the achievement of our goals, but also and above all in our clients' joys and sacrifices, satisfactions and emotions. This is the result of a positive mindset which predisposes us to smiles, cordiality and courtesy, in a constant attitude of trust between us and our clients. It's an approach geared to seeking and finding solutions every time they are needed, and it drives us towards greater resourcefulness and the creation of new opportunities. The solid base within the firm helps us all to focus on the clients' objectives, leading to a fruitful exchange of satisfaction.

Castelnuovo del garda

Residence Quadrivium is located on the border between the comunes of Castelnuovo el Garda and Peschiera, just 3 minutes from the Peschiera motorway exit (from the A4 Milan-Venice). Castelnuovo ...


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