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mechanical ventilation
Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

RESIDENCE QUADRIVIUM in Castelnuovo del Garda: the advantages of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.
Until now, in order to air a room you needed to open a window, in winter when the wind is freezing, or in summer when it's roasting. Unfortunately, to keep the home warm or cool, the windows should be opened as little as possible and the air inside becomes unhealthy and full of humidity, which can cause unsightly stains on walls as well as respiratory problems such as allergies, colds or pneumonia. In a house without mechanical ventilation there is more likelihood of illness because the air inside becomes contaminated and can reach humidity levels of 80%!
With mechanical ventilation, on the other hand:
• the air inside the home is always healthy and low in humidity because stale air is extracted from the bathroom and the kitchen via extraction nozzles, while clean air from outside is heated (in winter) and continuously brought into the bedroom and living room • considerable energy is saved because there is no need to open windows • it prevents the entry of polluted air, insects and noise which are inevitable when the windows are opened • it prevents the unpleasant sensation of heat in summer when the humidity is high.

Castelnuovo del garda

La Residenza Quadrivium sorge a confine tra i comuni di Castelnuovo del Garda e Peschiera, a 3 minuti dall'uscita autostradale di quest'ultima. (sull'A4 Milano Venezia). Castelnuovo ...


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