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Living in Castelnuovo del garda

Residence Quadrivium is located on the border between the comunes of Castelnuovo el Garda and Peschiera, just 3 minutes from the Peschiera motorway exit (from the A4 Milan-Venice).

Castelnuovo del Garda is a comune with approximately 8600 inhabitants in Verona province in the Veneto region. Besides being a lovely town on the shores of Lake Garda, it is often mentioned as the location of Gardaland, the famous amusement park.

In the vicinity there are the remains pf ancient villas, some still well-preserved, and in the surrounding villages there are churches with a wealth of frescoes, fascinating insights into past history.
Located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda, Castelnuovo is in the heart of the production zone of excellent Bardolino wines and these, alongside other typical local products of the Garda area, offer plenty of scope for those seeking the region's great cuisine.

The vicinity of Gardaland and the beautiful countryside, full of opportunities for tourism and leisure, make Castelnuovo one of Lake Garda's most well-equipped places in terms of amenities. Hotels, guesthouses, campsites and countless tourist activities offer excellent and professional accommodation to visitors.
Peschiera is where the river MIncio flows out of Lake Garda, and the building of the walled town surrounded by water altered the natural course of the river for defence purposes.

This is also the starting point for the 44-km cycle track which follows the towpaths of the river Mincio from Peschiera del Garda to Mantua. The town has an important railway station on the Milan-Venice line and also an exit from the A4 motorway. Lastly, from the port, there are boat connections to all the towns on Lake Garda.

In the immediate vicinity of Peschiera del Garda there are numerous attractions, theme parks, nature parks and zoos, sports centres and golf courses, thermal baths and sites of historical interest. Below is a list of the main attractions:
- Gardaland; - Caneva World; - Sigurtà Garden Park; - Borghetto sul Mincio; - Sirmione Thermal Baths; - Colà Thermal Baths; - Paradiso Golf Club; - Chervo Golf Club; - San Martino della Battaglia; - Natura Viva Zoo & Safari Park.

Castelnuovo del garda discover the surroundings

Lake Garda is a unique place, where olives have been grown for many centuries with complete respect for nature.
The pleasant fruity aromas, tending to grass, appeal to even the most reluctant of olive oil consumers.
The flavours - sapid yet delicate, but also with a hint of bitterness and spiciness in perfect balance - combine with excellent versatility as a condiment to make this olive oil among the best in Italy.


Lake Garda's lemon houses are a small treasure in the region. For centuries this fruit, typical of the Amalfi coast and southern Italy, also grew at the foot of the castle at Torri del Benaco.  A minor miracle, made possible by the patient and ingenious work of sailors turned gardeners. They learned to cultivate these citrus trees on the terraces carved out of the landscape in upper Lake Garda, from Salò to Limone. The lemon houses were greenhouses built with stone pillars and wooden beams; over the years they became unprofitable and were abandoned.


Lugana is a DOC wine whose production is limited to the provinces of Brescia and Verona.
The name derives from the hamlet located in the comune of Sirmione in Brescia province.
The wine is produced in the lower Garda area, on a specific soil type which is high in clay, the residue from the last ice ages.


Amarone is a red passito wine with DOCG denomination, produced exclusively in the Valpolicella in Verona province. The production area covers the entire area of the foothills in Verona province, stretching from Lake Garda almost to the border with Vicenza province. The name of this highly structured Veronese red comes from the word "amaro" or bitter, adopted to distinguish it from the sweeter Recioto Valpolicella which was its original form, however accidentally.


Bardolino is a DOC wine whose production is permitted only in the province of Verona.
The production area covers all or part of the comunes of Bardolino, Garda, Lazise, Affi, Costermano, Cavaion Veronese, Torri del Benaco, Caprino, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Sona, Sommacampagna, Castelnuovo, Peschiera and Valeggio in the south-eastern area of Lake Garda.


Prosecco is a wine with DOC denomination produced in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Some denominations of this wine have been granted DOCG status, thanks to their higher quality.
Prosecco is the Italian wine most commonly exported, and exceeds even French Champagne in terms of numbers of bottles sold worldwide.


Valeggio sul Mincio tortellini are a type of filled egg pasta whose origins date back to 1300.

Castelnuovo del garda

Residence Quadrivium is located on the border between the comunes of Castelnuovo el Garda and Peschiera, just 3 minutes from the Peschiera motorway exit (from the A4 Milan-Venice). Castelnuovo ...


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